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Benefits of our leaf and gutter guard solutions

Protect your home from blocked gutters, flooding, and water damage

Unless your gutters are cleaned regularly, leaf litter can build up and become trapped in gutters and downpipes. This can lead to blocked gutters and downpipes. What will happen next is that, during heavy rain, water can overflow into the leaves causing damage to your roof and ceiling. We provide one of the most reliable gutter protection services in South West Rocks – Kempsey - Port Macquarie - Camden Haven – Taree - Forster & Surrounds.


Protect your home from fire hazards

Unless your gutters are cleaned regularly, falling leaf and debris can become trapped in your gutter creating a fire hazard putting your home at risk. Allclear Leafguard has a fire rating of zero which, during a fire will not ignite or melt.

Water Tanks

Allclear Leafguard is an excellent product for water tanks. Keeping your gutters free of the leaves will assist with overflowing problems and not only increase the amount of water caught but also with clarity of the water.

Birds and Pest proofing

Allclear Leafguard will stop birds, vermin etc from getting into your gutters and finding their way into your roof.

Australian Product and Australian Made

Allclear Leafguard is made from Australian BlueScope Zincalume Steel which is powder coated to suit your ultimate need.

Other Benefits

Unlike other guards, Allclear Leafguard can be removed and reinstalled in case you require access to your roof or need to replace your gutter.

Gone are the days of spending hours of your valuable time up a ladder cleaning your gutters. The Allclear Leafguard will do it for you in the most effortless way.